Tuesday, September 29, 2015

ten things ive learned being married.

01 / buying groceries with a boy is expensive.. buying groceries with ging takes a whole paycheck. don't let that lean, chiseled physique fool you...this man can eat more than anyone ive ever know. I find it endearing until im out of money. he's my little hippo.

02 / driving home from work and getting butterflies because I get to jump into his arms and kiss him is the best feeling in the world.

03 / when the period comes and I feel highly emotional, he loves anyway. truthfully I cant blame the troll (my word for period because it feels like a troll is in my uterus kicking me) because I cry happy tears to him at least once a week.. but I never thought I would get excited when the period comes and I realize im not pregnant (love babies, just want ging to myself for now)

AND he loves me even when i have zit medicine all over my face.

04 / talking about the future becomes a lot less scary

05 / waiting for the right one makes so much more sense than marrying one of the icky boys I dated before. ging was made for me and I was made for him. la la la la that should be a song.

06 /  steven is outdoorsy and athletic. I am girly and frilly and wear heels. I now realize how little that matters. and how much I shouldn't have worried about differences while dating people. you will always have common interests. do not try to be someone you are not.

07 / recipes really mean it when it says "cook for 10-12 minutes.." 9 1/2 minutes the food is cold  and any longer than 12, your casserole will be burnt....k no one taught me how to cook.

08 / who needs an alarm clock when you have a personal ging to start a dance party in the bed every morning?!

09 / love should be easy. this is probably one of the most important things ive learned. loving ging is easy. I could argue to say its the easiest thing I have ever done. sure, marriage takes effort, but love is the easy part. oh how I wish I could've told my 16 year old self this...I think it would have saved me A LOT of heart break.

10 / sometimes compromises are necessary... like when we both agreed to throw away one article of clothing from each others wardrobe that we hate. I miss my sandals I threw out so much. might have been the biggest compromise I have to make ;) but the terrible purple shirt I threw away in his closet needed to happen long ago. you are welcome ging. you are welcome.

and one more for good measure...

11 / boys don't make the beds. so when it happens, kiss and squeeze them.

honestly, I am not veteran. been married for a meer two months. but hell! knowing it would be this awesome I would have married him a long time ago...okay I take that back we dated for like two minutes but  you get what im saying.

until next time peeps!
xo and carry on!

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  1. i LOVE this! and i love you two so much! :)


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