Friday, April 10, 2015

its been a while...

so in a matter of 6 months, I went from being the most single. cynical dater on the planet earth
to falling madly, MADLY, did I say MADLY? in love with a darling darling boy,

who I prefer to call ging...(he is the cutest red head I ever did see)

here is a brief timeline...considering our whole relationship has been just that...brief.

first date
two weeks later, first kiss.
two weeks later, I love you's.
two weeks later, ring shopping.
two weeks later, engaged.

so I am blogging again to document my love and life with the most amazing person I have ever met. So I guess the best place to start is how we met....

I had recently downloaded and undownloaded a little app called tinder...I thought it was silly so I deleted it, but my profile was still up for people to see. Steven came across my tinder profile and had a weird feeling to reach out to me via facebook...I got a cute little message (found below) but being the cynical dater I was...I was skeptical.

 I was sitting on my friend Vicki's couch. (who was my young womens leader, a good friend of my moms, and my fill in mom for my upcoming wedding) when I received his message and I showed it to her. she told me she would forever be mad at me if I didn't go out with this one...she said he had "kind eyes."

I agreed to go, after reaching out to our only mutual friend to make sure he wasn't a stalker.

( I actually called her again about an hour before our date just to confirm he was normal because I really wasn't in the mood to go on a date let alone a bad date that night...)

we met for dinner in Sandy, and enjoyed a very brief 45 minute average date. I went home and told my roommates that if I didn't date him, someone needed to. he was easy to talk to, easy to look at, and just seemed down to earth. but I was kindof nervous he wouldn't call again.

lets just say, that later that night when I got a text from him saying "im thinking we should see each other again" I was a little excited.

moral of the story, there are good guys left... I didn't think there was.

I truly, TRULY thought all hope was lost in the dating world.
I remember crying to my dad about how guys suck, complaining to Vicki about how tinder was the worlds worst invention (its not) and planning a long life with dogs....

seven months ago, if someone told me that I would meet my husband online and be engaged three months later I would have LOLed hard.

he is the best thing that has ever happened to me. and I will thank the lord everyday that he reached out to me and chose me to be with such a lovely man.

sorry for the sap and cheese!
but there will be more to unfollow now if you cant handle.

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  1. ahhh! so exciting!! love this!



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