Thursday, June 12, 2014

sorry. did you miss me?

life has been crazy.
or maybe i am just crazy?
i dont know.
but bottom line, i have been loving the sunshine way too much. but here is a little list of updates and pics of course.

oh and i have so many blog posts brewing in my head guys so hold tight, i will write them one day..
but for now. this is what is happening.

1. i am loving running. weird right?? i am usually the girl who runs .5 miles and feels light headed, burning sensation in my chest, almost like i could lay on the concrete and hypervenalate (like the season finale of mindy project status) and that i need a diet coke. ya i still want a diet coke. but its true what all the runners say, (that i never listened to) after mile 2, it gets easier.

2. i want everything everyone else has. is this a disease?

3. i have a mild case of seasonal depression. when the temps got higher, i will literally do anything to be outside. i just want to be out there all the time. i still dont know why i live in salt lake and dont move somewhere warm all year round. pool junkie. i could lay in the sun all day and not complain once. i prom.

4. guys, i have an emotional attachment to tank tops. i think last summer i had this strange idea to be modest...but i threw that thought out the window this year and honestly live in tank tops. i have modest thoughts, i just like my shoulders showing.

5. work is stressful. but i think i tend to stress myself out. i tell my dad every night that i think im going to have a stroke in my face from stress.

6. donuts are my bff.

7. i honestly am so embarrassed by this...but did you know people "vlog" their whole life? Like film their every day life. like walking their dog, eating, working out, shopping. they film it all....and like have 500,000 people who watch it? THEY GET PAID FOR THIS. and me...being the curious little bug that i am, i watch them. every. single. one. then the other day i caught myself  "fake" i wasnt filming it but i was talking imaginary viewers through my make up routine and how i curl my hair, as if i was going to post it on youtube...who am i? do you still love me?

8.  I think i take a selfie of my outfit everyday. if not for someone, for me to remember. im telling you guys, i spend almost every penny i make on clothes except for occasional food,(I would rather buy clothes then eat, [insert scared face emoji here]) and saving for a car... so duh of course i love what im so humble.

9. i sing. i sing all the time. i sing everything. and i think deep down in my heart i think im hitting the right notes.. i still sing.

10. my mom always told me these two things....1. she likes long hair and not when its pulled up...okay check, i wear my hair down almost every day mom, and my hair doesnt grow so i have a magic trick called extensions... and 2. dont smile without your teeth bc its weird and makes you look snooty....well mom, i have found myself smiling w/o my teeth more than with lately. love me 1 for 2 of your requests.

11. i attempted whole30. and feel like no one needs that negativity in their lives. just eat healthy 90% of the time and you are golden. none of this only eat veggies thing. we are cooler than that.

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  1. k loved this update, you are so adorable!

  2. Both of your sandals in your selfie pictures are to die for! What brands are they?

  3. you're whole 30 mentality KILLS ME! spot on!!! text me!

  4. you're whole 30 mentality KILLS ME! spot on!!! text me!

  5. so you are adorable and i am so happy to know that you are blogging more! because i missed ya. plus you dress freaking cute! so no wonder you always take selfies. you should dress me, because i struggle in that category!

  6. where is your adorable dress from in the outfit pics??

  7. where is your darling swimsuit from? in need of a cute one piece! HELP!

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