Thursday, April 10, 2014


i tend to start anthems on this little blog of mine.
but i had a shocking realization that everyone keeps laughing at,
because they don't realize the severity of this problem..
but it wasnt until i sat down and asked a few people for an intervention that they believed me.

i am extremely addicted to sugar.

its not a little thing, where i am worried about my weight and feel as if i should have it.
it's that i RELY on sugar. my eyes are drawn to everything sugary.

it doesnt help that my work place is filled with treats, and not just a few treats here and there.
i mean cakes, pastries, candy, cookies, literally the list goes on and on.

i cant remember a day where i havent eaten a sugary treat or craved one.
even with all these health kicks i go on, my draw back is a handful of candies.
or a sweet pastry.

i am all about a healthy lifestyle and i am constantly worrying about my health after a little scare i had a few years back. i like to know what i am putting into my body. i research random things and techniques and always try them out... i am probably almost too much of a believer when it comes to certain things.
but i have been reading up on articles and watching documentaries about how sugar is poison
and is as addictive as cocaine.

i am already aware i have an addictive personality, (i.e diet coke)
so naturally this freaked me out.

but, last week i attempted cutting sugar out of my diet completely.
just too see if im really as addicted and dependent on it as i think i am.
the side effects/withdrawals, honestly scared me so bad that i assured myself that i was going to do something about this problem.

i found myself shakey, itchy, and unfocused, stomach aches, and a terrible migraine..
i legitimately couldn't make it a day, A DAY, without it...


i am attempting something a little less intense than going cold turkey..
my roommate has hidden the treats in our house and has allowed me three bite size candies a day...
i can eat them whenever i want, but once those three candies are gone, i cannot have any more.
this is a BIG difference from what i have been eating guys...
so moral support and encouragement would be great.

we are hoping that once i get used to that, we can slowly take away one piece of the candy etc..

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  1. I totally feel you!! Haha i think about food (99% of the time it is something sweet) all day every day and i seriously think sugar is an addiction.. for lots of people so don't feel so bad :)

    your blog is darling and i love reading it!


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