Tuesday, February 4, 2014

summer bodies are made in the winter.

is practically my motivation this time of year...
when all i want to do is wear big sweaters, be pale, and eat cookies.
i have tried any and every health kick known to man.
but could NEVER stick to them..
they were always a little too intense, too hard to stick to, or boring
with all my weird food allergies and impatience, 
i never really understood what foods i am supposed to eat, what workouts work for my body, etc.
i couldnt figure out how to hold myself accountable for the changes i want to see. 
then, i heard about a person who does all of this for you...
that is where Kat comes in.
my nutrition guru.
she lays out my meal plans, workouts, sends me texts to hold me accountable, and meets with me once a week.
she is honestly a huge motivation and holds me accountable which means i CANT give up.
this was a big investment for me, but i know that it will be worth it and will be something that i can carry on for years!
i am only 2 1/2 weeks in and i feel great and have learned so much about nutrition and being healthy.
side note: i am not doing this because i think i am fat, i am doing this because i want to be fit. That is what Kat and i are working on!

a few tips (not that im a genius, but what i have found):
1. measure your food! i cant even believe how much i have been overeating all of these years. i went to rumbi to get brown rice and chicken (a healthy option) i took it home to measure it to make sure i was eating the right amount of food. after measuring out my rice, i had enough for FIVE meals. FIVE. 
2. structure your diet and exercise based on YOUR body. These generic plans are not going to work for everyone. Figure out what works best for you!
3. hold yourself accountable! this is the biggest thing for me, and one of the main reasons i hired Kat. Having her in the back of my mind, reminds me why i dont need the cookie that is sitting on the table or why i just need a bite of unhealthy things and not the whole bowl!
4. eat every three hours. i realized this when i did livefit as well! when i am eating every three hours i am not hungry and less likely to binge on unhealthy things!
5. PREPARE PREPARE PREPARE. every week when i meet with Kat, she gives me EXACTLY what i need to eat, down to the almond. But even without Kat, it is important to have healthy food prepared to eat. I spend 2 hours preparing my meals for the next week. putting each meal in a tupperware so that it is easy to bring with me to work, or have when i need it. I also have noticed that by preparing my food i am surprisingly spending a lot less money!
6. diet coke will NOT hinder your weight loss. for years everyone would always tell me that i am not losing weight because of diet coke...LIES. its not diet coke. as long as you are getting your recommended water, diet coke can remain. 
7. the Kroger CarbMaster chocolate milk is the most amazing thing. it has hardly any carbs and tastes like melted ice cream. i only get a whopping 8 oz. of this at night but believe me, it is for sure an indulgence! They only sell it at Smiths but RUN dont walk. So. Good.

I will try and post weekly about this and try not to make it so long!

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  1. you're gonna be looking HOT in the summer!! WOOT WOOT!

  2. I love that you're doing this. Good on ya, girl. I'd love updates! INSPIRE ME DANGIT.

  3. I'm jealous of your motivation! I need a Kat!

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