Thursday, January 9, 2014

thirteen things i learned in 2013.

2013 was definitely a year of trial and error for me.
when i looked through my journal this came up a lot.
it was a year for me to learn.
a few things.....

1. you are not old, you dont have to settle. look harder if you have to, but dont settle.

why do we even think for one minute that we are getting too old and need to settle down? no way!

2. the friends worth keeping are the ones who are consistent without trying to be.

i value my friendships more and more the less convenient they become. because the best things take a little more effort.

3. i look like a lesbian when i try to be hipster and wear a flannel.

i have no explanation...its the truth.

4. what really defines me?

still working on this one. but i really want to know.....(this one calls for a whole blog post)

5. caring too much what everyone else is saying about you and caring too little about peoples feelings is a lack of self confidence and respect. 

i dont care about what people are saying about me usually. but i tend to realize that when i do, its because i am lacking the confidence i know i have somewhere. what i care about is feelings and intentions. i think this was a big one for me this year. i love genuine people who understand me. they care about how they made me feel, not how the world perceives them. those are the people worth your time.

6. some of the best things happen when you are busy doing something else.

if i could just remember this all the time...

7. fixing up and decorating a house is not cheap.

i'm poor...

8. being allergic to dairy is a curse.

do you think i will grow out of it? probs not.

9. growing up is hard, insurance companies have a hidden agenda, and cafe rio is the perfect place to work.

in a matter of months i grew up, and believe me, it hit me like a ton of bricks...but i kind of think my dad did that intentionally for a reality check.

10.  you can have a warrant out for your arrest for six months and still not get caught.

i havent paid my whole ticket yet....and i cant figure out if its because i like telling people im a felon, and i get an adrenaline rush driving fast. or if i would just rather buy clothes with the money. media is taking over the world.


12. when im stressed i lose weight, so how do i make myself stressed?

i lost ten pounds at one point this year...i was miserable, eating terrible food, in a weird relationship, and in a job i didn't like at the time...but i lost ten pounds...soooo it was kindof worth it.

13.  there are far better things ahead than the ones we left behind. 

i would have to say 2013 ended pretty swell.  but i think this year will be even better.

on to the next one!


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  1. Hi. I love these. I wish I could be as deep/smart as you.

  2. It seems like you and I had the same year, except my house isn't fixed up and I am still poor.


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