Monday, January 6, 2014

new year resolutions.

a bad habit i am going to break:
only going to sacrament. i just need to remember to pack snacks in my bag and chug a diet coke in the bathroom.

a destination i'd like to visit:
well i want to go back to NYC (in progress) and i need to find a boy to take me to hawaii next christmas.
haha...for real though.

i'm going to work harder at:
being healthy & fit.

a project i would like to finish:
my website that is taking a lot more time than expected.
coming soon...2014

a class i would like to take:
painting and piano.

i'd like to spend more time doing:
reading....ya reading would be a good thing.

a food i want to eat more of:
well i am loving spaghetti squash lately...and i want to get into quinoa because that's what all the cool kids are eating.

i want to wear more:
patterns. obvi not in the winter because in the winter i go gothic, but i would love to add some colorful patterns to my wardrobe of course.

Thanks babe (Lauren Conrad) for this new years resolution list.
What are your resolutions?


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  1. Sounds like a great way to spend 2014! And a great way to list out some attainable goals for the year!


  2. I like this idea for a post!

    I'm also going to try to eat more quinoa this year. Apparently, that's where it's at. If you go to Hawaii, take me with you. Ktnx.

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  4. I will work on the church attendance goal with you...hunger is what gets me every time!


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