Monday, November 18, 2013


i had a week last week.
a week where i didnt take any pictures because my skin went psycho,
a week where i ate probably ten sugar cookies,
and only drank diet coke.
i was having one of those weeks where nothing exciting happened,
melancholy with a dash of sass is an understatement.
i was a bugger to be around.
so i packed up my room for my move (this weekend)
and i online shopped (i have worn ^this^ coat everyday since it came)
because no one wanted to talk to my grumpiness.
but there was one night where i danced around my room with my roommate.
and realized that life isn't that hard.
and i need to stop acting like a child.

so im back...
after a week of pity parties.

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  1. love you chlo!!!
    can't wait to see your pretty face at kim's wedding this weekend!!!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Awe sorry you had an "absent" week :( Sometimes we need those in our lives to realize that life isn't too bad. Love your cute face! (also I forgot to tell you...but your dad is the cutest! He was so nice when we dropped off your sign! and I almost stole your dog.)

    **Also that comment by Roger Andrus was this comment. I accidentally was signed in on my work account! haha

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