Friday, October 18, 2013


eyelash extensions.
i have them.
and have had them for a long while. 
and i love them.
i like to say the people who do them for me are extremely gifted.
because people cant even tell they are fake.
i have been told numerous times, by boys that they hate when girls wear fake eyelashes....
little do they realize, i have them on while they are telling me this, and they couldn't even tell.
i do tell a little white lie and say they are natural every once in a while...
get them. 
i promise they will save you a lot of time in the morning.
if you want the contact info for my beautiful eyelash wiz,
shoot me an email.

happppppy friday.

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  1. eyelash extensions are perfect!! I always wanted to have ones but I'm not that sure lol
    You're blog is so cute :)

  2. Three things.... One, "your" pumpkin protein bars are in the oven as we speak! I am anxious to try them. Two, do you wear contacts? Do eyelash extension bug your eye if so? I may get your ladies name, so when I come into town I can try them out again. Three, I think it's about time I get your number. I wanted to text you the this morning to tell you I was making your bars, and was sad when I didn't have your number. Happy weekend! xo

    1. oh hi beauty! k this is my number! 8015971238! i want to hear what you think of the bars! And yes i wear contacts and have very very very sensitive eyes and they dont bother me at all! they are the best eyelash extensions ive ever had! text me and i will give you her number! love youuuu

  3. Chase used to not like them as well! But if they are done well and right he does like them!
    You pull them off so well!

  4. who does yours and what do you get?! love them!!!
    also where do you get your glasses from? i want some...even though i don't need them


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