Monday, September 16, 2013

nominated + giveaway winner!

i got nominated for the Liebster Award a long time ago..
so long ago, i cant even remember the questions that they asked me to answer..
but i do remember that i am supposed to give 15 random facts about myself..
so here it goes,
oh and Jane, im tagging you in this so you have to do it too.

1. it bugs me when things don't match. i even color coordinated pajamas.
2. i am paranoid about robbers coming into my house and stealing things, so i sleep with my purse, keys, computer, ipad and scriptures on the bed with me.
3. i work at cafe rio corporate, and i average eating there three times a week.
4. i am an avid "self-help" reader. diets, happiness, beauty, webMD. you name it, i read it and am usually convinced that every tip given works.
5. one day a month i get a terrible migraine, barely can function, wear sunglasses inside, migraine.
6.  i consider my pinterest boards one of my greatest hobbies.
7. i have a tendency of getting emotionally attached to peoples stories.
8. i wanted to be a wedding planner so i know wedding vendors like the back of my hand. i am always very flattered when people ask for my help.
9. i think my sisters are the greatest people alive.
10. i write everything down.
11. i like to know every detail about everyone's life but i am terrible at answering questions when asked.
12. i do bedtime yoga to help me sleep.
13. its easier for me to delete unwanted things from my life then to dwell on them. whether this means people or events. probably not a good thing.
14. my favorite color is gold, and a dash of pink. im not even sure if thats a color to choose from.
15. i have all my credit card numbers memorized. you never know.

OHHHHH and my giveaway winner for the blow dry at H2Blow Dry Bar, is Cate Christison! this was randomly selected! Thank you for all of you that participated! Cate, shoot me an email and i will give you details!

xoxo, chlo

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  1. these are all reasons why you're my faveeee. credit cards memorized is amazing. i also need to know what kind of deal you get for working at cafe rio? might need in on that. the gold with a dash of pink is the perfect favorite color. i love ya!

  2. I love reading these kind of things to see how much I'm like other bloggers - and sister, we are alike lol Let's be friends!



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