Thursday, September 19, 2013


my friends come to cuddle even when im sweaty and sore. 

i was hesitant to post about this because sadly i didnt know if i would actually stick to it..
and i didnt want to seem like a quitter...
well now i can officially say im three and a half weeks in and im not stopping!

livefit is a fitness program that i have been told about over and over again.
but i never had the energy to try it.
i figured i was happy enough with my strength and physique that i didnt need some intense program.
i was eating terrible and feeling sick and my friends started yapping about this program again,
so we decided to do it and i didnt want to feel left out.. or chubby when they were done.
so i joined.

its a three month program. mostly focusing on what you are eating and your strength and stamina.
there are workouts and planned meals for you.
so its pretty much fool proof as long as you have the will power...which i didnt.
i do put a different spin on it though, i dont eat as many carbs or supplements.
i have always eaten pretty healthy, i stick to what i know, but this is a whole new ball game...
You are eating more often to boost your metabolism and treats are a foreign language.

luckily we have a lot of moral support, group texts and facebook groups to keep us motivated.

well only three weeks in and i feel good, i feel sore, and i definitely dont feel hungry.
im excited about it! almost 1/3 the way done!
i will keep you posted as the days go by...i have before pictures but there is no way in hell i will be posting those..but maybe in 9 weeks when im fit.

if you are curious, here is the link.
big s/o to lululemon for sponsoring me during this event...not really but they should.

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  1. I need this, no really - I do. And I need Lulu to sponsor me, too. In my dreams. But I don't get it? Is it free? An online program?

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