Monday, September 9, 2013

h2blow dry bar!

on friday, the day of breckens wedding, i found myself far to lazy to jump in the shower and blow dry my own hair.
so i ran up to the new blow dry bar, in foothill village.
it was my second time there and let me tell you,
they use great products on your hair and blow dry and style it how you want.
for the wedding i decided to ask if they could braid it back in some way to mix it up.
and this is the final product!

well i love the blow dry bar and will probably keep going back forever,
but i want YOU to try it out as well! 
so the darling people at h2blow want to give one of my lovely followers a free blow dry and style!

to enter you need to:
1. make sure you follow my blog.
2. comment 
3. follow @h2blowdrybar on instagram and tag me @chloeedrews in one of their pictures!

I am closing this giveaway on friday!

xoxo my lovelies,

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  1. I need this for my engagement pictures! Love you!

  2. Cute hair! I've always wanted to try this place!

  3. obsessed. That looks so amazing. LOVE YOU

  4. your hair is FLAWLESS and i love this! going here when i'm in SLC next! love you.

  5. Obsessed with you and this hair do!

  6. i still need to try this place! and i LOVE your braid! so cute! love you doll!

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