Friday, August 30, 2013

notes for a friday.

1. everyone can hate on miley as much as you want, in the end, she did exactly what she intended to do. get all of your attention. so she has you to thank for the 300,000 tweets per minute she recieved. smart tactic miley, well played.

2. how am i going to find a boy who hates cargo shorts as much as i do?

3. colors to note for fall: dark green, maroon, black, white, and an occasional grey...what do you say?

4. there is a warrant out for my arrest and i often realize this when im going 90 in a 65. 

5. i want to make a picnic table. but i dont even know where to start. 

6. my dear friend brecken gets married next friday. 

7. i am ready for texas vivint team to come back to slc. MORGAN, that means you. and of course, doug, who i am picking up from the airport on sunday. 

8. i am having my first missionary experience, i am lucky enough to sit in on the missionary discussions for the first time, and watch someone learn about something that means so much to all of us. i am emotionally attached to her and get so sad when she doesn't show up. 

9. who you love- john mayer ft. katy perry....yep amaze

10. TGIF

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  1. oh gosh - when i read #8 i breezed through it and had a mini panick attack because i thought you were saying you might go on a mission.

    richie knows how to make picnic tables.


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