Tuesday, August 13, 2013

my bests wedding

carly got married last week and it was the most lovely two days.

started out with her wedding dinner at log haven
i was lucky enough to give a toast and say all the reasons why i love her so much
and of course why carly and dallas are absolutely perfect for each other.

the next morning her mom, sister, and i were able to keep her nerves to a minimum
we all got our hair & makeup done which was a great way to start the day.
the reception was at the country club and was the most perfect.

i was emotional from the second i stood up for my toast
until they drove away at the end of the reception.
i would cry and then be happy and cry and be happy
but the tears were bittersweet
its hard to let go of someone who means so much to you
but also an amazing thing to see how happy she is.

now breckens is in a three weeks and then kimi's shortly after that! wedding season!

it was so perfect.
sorry for the picture overload!
carly and i got best rings. carly and i have always referred to each other as "best" because friend doesnt really do our relationship justice...
the toaster.

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