Wednesday, July 10, 2013


tricked and stumped by the following:

1. Bananas and cherries are not good for you....sure they are fruit but they are packed with sugars and wtf. my whole childhood was a lie. i have been on this low carb kick for months now, i try not to eat carbs after noon if at all, and a handful of cherries is a whole days worth of carbs.... no thanks. i would rather eat a cookie.

2. remember the question "what do you want to be when you grow up?" i should have never answered that question...because growing up isnt that fun. you work all day. sure i love my job, cafe rio is the best place to work and i wish everyone could work in my office but i feel like i got tricked into growing up at the age of five.

3. my dad tried telling me the other day that cheese never goes bad.....k well i rest my case as to why i hate cheese. that is disgusting.

4. i think people are sneaky and trick you into liking them and then all of the sudden their true colors shine through and you realize they are crazy. if i have tricked you, i apologize. i will admit right now, i am crazy. okay glad that is settled.

5. picture editing [although it is one of my favorite hobbies] you can turn the whitest person into the tannest or make any blemish you have on your face magically disappear.. not that i dont blame people for doing this because the pictures look better...I DO IT, IM GUILTY, but i make sure that it still looks like me. i get confused about what is real and whats not.

k ya thats all. have a good wednesday!
xoxo, chlo

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