Sunday, June 16, 2013

words dont do him justice.

growing up, i never really knew how important my relationship with my dad would be. When my mom passed away, i was only 16 and felt like i had lost my best friend. i was a little worried about who would fill the shoes of my mom but my dad somehow managed to do it. he stayed up with me at night when i couldn't sleep, he brought me flowers to school on numerous occasions, he came to every dance performance and competition, nd took care of me when i was sick. i am sure he was a little scared. but he made me feel so safe and not scared at all.
   still to this day, my dad is my everything, my best friend, my confidant. i call him with every problem i have. whether its car trouble, boys, drama, successes. he is the smartest man i know and somehow he believes in me. he hugs me when im sad, and tells me when im acting stupid. which is often. he is my biggest fan. no matter what i do. he thinks im great, and i think he is greater. if i am hurting, he hurts too. he is loving, genuine, and thoughtful. 
    my dad is not only this great to me, but also to my friends. one day when me and eight of my closest friends were eating lunch at the dodo, he snuck in without us knowing and paid the whole check. he is constantly thinking about other people.
   without my dad, my life would be in limbo. he is my rock and i know that the lord put him in my life for a reason. i am soooo thankful for this amazing man in my life.

in case that didnt sell you on just how amazing he dad wrote me this letter a little while ago.

Dear Chloee,

   What an exciting time of your life. You are starting college and planning your course for the future. I am so very proud of the great young woman you have become . You have always had the ability to light up a room when you walk in. You make everyone feel they are your best friend, little do they know, that position is already claimed by your dad. 
    You were always your moms little buddy, and i would love to come home and watch you dance around the room with her. This love of dance continued throughout your life and it helped give me some culture in my life. I grew to love watching you perform. When your mom passed away, you took on a new characteristic in your dance, i dont know if you were performing for her or had angels on your shoulders helping you. Whatever it was, would bring tears to my eyes, everytime. You showed me your dedication and discipline as i would nurse your little ankles and blisters. That courage is a great learning trait for your life.
    You were blessed with 3 sisters whom would do anything for you. They see so much of your mom, in you, in your loving ways and happy attitude and acceptance in people. Your ability to make people feel included and important is another trait that will help you in your life. 
   This wouldnt be a letter from your Dad without some lecturing. I am glad you are enjoying Delta Gamma but remember, you are in school to get an education and to graduate. If your grades start to slip and are not up to Chloee know where i am going with this. Most importantly, you need to make sure you still have some time for your Dad. He has been so kind and wonderful and fantastic even though he has been neglected as of late. I didnt hurt my arm patting myself on the back, so not to worry, i will get over feeling neglected. 

I am excited for you, what a great time of your life.
Your mom and sisters and I are very proud of you.
Love You More,

I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. Happy Fathers Day.
xox, chlo

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  1. Love this! You can always make me cry! I love you

  2. oh for goodness sakes i'm almost crying! cuteeeeeee! how blessed. xo

  3. tears in my eyes. scott is the greatest. and you are the sweetest person i know! is this the letter from i week? for some reason i remember the last paragraph!

  4. ok really, i dont really even know you, letter alone your dad, but when i read this i literally had tears. cutest letter ive ever read. i am a total daddy's girl too, no guy will EVER compare to our dads. :)


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