Thursday, June 20, 2013

left hand ache.

i am flattered that people ask me to write things for them.
but, i have lots of invites to address..
and my hand hates me.
its a tedious project! but i enjoy doing it.
if you want wedding invites addressed....
lay them on me. ill add them to the pile of 1200 i have to do this summer!
yay for weddings.

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  1. Um really?? Cutest handwriting ever!

  2. Oh my goodness! Cutest envelopes ever! Can I book you like two-ish years in advance haha


  3. okay...CUTEST. love you & your left hand!

  4. hey chloee. my name is jane. i've been following your blog regularly and i think you are so cute. i am getting married this summer, will you please address my invitations for me? i will pay you $1 per invite.

    call me thx.


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