Sunday, June 30, 2013

10 girls take on dating.

after a lot of input and brainstorming.
i think we finally mastered the list we were going for.
after going on a handful of dates and run ins, in the last few weeks and chatting with friends,
we have made a list of what stems true for girls on dating..
i also had a little inspiration from an old blogpost by the one and only lexi larsen.
if you have any to add, comment!

1. girls never ever ever take for granted when you open the car door for them... it is also noted when the door was opened at the beginning of the relationship and then the boy stops doing it after date two. 

2.  i dont care nor do i need to know what your dad does on the first date.

3. nothing better than a boy who dresses well, knows how to dress well, and appreciates a girl who dresses well.

4. boys are ten times more attractive when they love kids and their moms.

5. no marathon first dates. no matter how well its going.

6. girls like boys who can laugh at them, and tell them when they are being ridiculous.

7.  a first date shouldn't feel like an interview. "so tell me about yourself...." bad news.

8. a boy that remembers the little things that you don't even remember telling them. someone is listening! 

9. a pleasant surprise is always appreciated.the little things you do to let us know you care. notes, diet coke, flowers.

10. some girls take pride in being independent and although they love that the boy always offers to pay, let the girl pay every once in a while. 

11. never go dutch.

12. dramatic boys are bad news. boys gossip to girls...girls talk...and soon your dramatic commentary is back to the source you are talking about. i am aware that this goes both ways.

13. girls love boys that have a backbone. but are sensitive to the girls feelings as well. 

14.  girls need boys who aren't afraid to take control. taking initiative. 

15. there is a fine line between confidence and cockiness. and it shows.

16. a boy with motivation and drive to be successful is a big thing. 

17. boys should adore you, not smother you.

18.  girls should try and date a little more like boys...

19. a boy (and girls) spirituality is crucial in how a relationship will go.

20. girls love to love and appreciate it back. 

xoxo, chlo

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