Wednesday, April 17, 2013

why i blog...

people ask me all the time why i blog. blogging is a funny put all these thoughts on the internet for people to read, get offended by, or relate to. you start out blogging because your friends and family want to read about whats going on, and before you know it, people are reading along that you have never met and its kind of thrilling to see what they have to say about your life. but here is the thing about blogging, i think it sometimes makes people look a lot different than they actually are.  and here is the truth with my blog, i only do it because for me, the girl who writes everything down, plans every detail of her day, makes lists on random pieces of paper,  makes everyone take 500 million pictures at everything, and enjoys writing, it makes sense. its a timeline of my life and thoughts and rambles and i enjoy that! i dont blog to impress people or make my life seem more glamorous than it really is.  i dont do it because i have to, or because i expect people to care about my life. i do it because i like to, and i like that other people like me too, too. i love the people i have connected with and that people comment. i love that i can post all the pictures i take and people can relate to them. and i love that i can write the things that i would never say. 
sooooo there you have it. that is why i blog.

xoxo, chlo

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  1. YES! I completely agree. I love this!

  2. love this so so much! couldn't agree more, sometimes i have to stop and make sure i'm keeping the timeline and record i want, and not anything for other people! i love you and your blog! help me keep mine this way too!!!!!!

  3. this has been a big topic in my communications class. there is sooo much negativity associated with blogging and i really just wish they understood. there is so much goodness in blogland and i'm so glad you joined it!

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