Thursday, April 4, 2013

a list of randoms

im officially having a bad case of writers block...
so i apologize.
its been going on for quite some time and i try to make up for it in pictures.
so bear with me.
these are just about the only things that are running through my mind right now.

1. i think the beginning of spring is a celebration for getting through another dreaded utah winter.

2. i start stressing for finals three weeks before.

3. summer is around the corner which means i should be concerned that swimsuit season is around the corner too...

4. did you know you can get the classic turkey sandwich at the dodo as a salad? yep.

5. i didnt think i could find a boy who likes diet coke as much as i do...but i did. meet colby. it makes our relationship a lot more manageable because one- he doesnt yell at me and tell me its bad for me... i already know it is. two-he appreciates a good maverick run and three-im not limited to water at restaurants. solid bond. 

6.  the past week, i did a double trip weekend. i went to randolph with this boy and his family and then sun valley. it was exhausting to say the least but for as much as i claim to be a city girl, i really do adore small town things and people. and i think car rides are the best way to get to know someone.

7. i am not one of those girls who hates on girls that dress immodestly, i dont always follow every rule myself, but there is one thing i cant stand....denim short shorts. i hate them. dont do it. if your bum is hanging out of your shorts, RED FLAG. 

8. when the iphone flash is on, i automatically hate the picture without even seeing it. it ruins everything

9. i love third wheeling lunch dates with carly and dallas.

10. ive found that im very protective of my friends, and from now on, im going to be very picky and selective about who they choose to date, steering clear of hot and cold boys...even though a lot of boys are just and cold. sorry my friends are the greatest and deserve the greatest.

xoxo, chlo

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  1. I love your hat! It looks so cute on you!!

  2. you are too stunning! who is this boy? also my life just changed with that dodo turkey sandwich discovery.

  3. I LOVE YOU AND COLBY SO MUCH! come say hi next time you are in provo!!

  4. 1. i love colby. i still love you more but i love him too.
    2. i took that picture
    3. i'm worried about your rapid weight loss. you look minuscule in these pictures and in real life. especially in the ranch pic.

  5. Sometimes lists make the perfect blog posts.
    Here's a list for you...
    1) Holy crap, you are beautiful.
    2) I need that salad in my life.
    3) Cute hat!!
    4) I wish spring was showing up more here, too!


  6. Well, I sort of love the way that iPhone-flash picture turned out. It's sort of, like, really adorable.

  7. oh for cuteness!! adorable. and that salad looks amaazing.

  8. I am dying of cuteness! Also I am with you on the short shorts thing. Haha.

  9. you're super adorable, and so is your man friend. you guys look real good together. also, i know we don't really know each other but lets just consider ourselves good friends - love your blog!

  10. i love the dirty bird! best kept secret at the dodo. although i'm confused on what is that stuff on the side??? is this something delicious that i don't know about?

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