Monday, March 4, 2013


happy list for monday.
one. spent a week in scottsdale last week. loved it. realized my relationship with scottsdale will forever be "live separately, visit often."
two. my best of all best friends, jane, has revamped her blog and this is her grand debut. 
follow the link here, she is fun, and you might, actually...probably will like her more than me! we do a lot of things together go follow!
three. my sister had her baby last week, his name is finn. for all you glee fans, we are on the same page. 
four. its a warm week! up to 50. so if you want to take a trip on the wild side and come lay out with me, give me a call.
five. one of our friends is getting married on thursday. yay for marriage.
six. i love march. mostly just because i hate january and february. oh and its my birthday. luckily i like other peeps birthdays more than my own, so im lucky i share a birthday with jane. 
seven. i have fun people in my life right now. you know who you are.
eight. jcrews spring stuff....dying. go look. ps. polka-dots for men. im into it. 
nine. spring break is next week.
ten. i finally bought the converse i have been eyeing...although someone told me they are made for comment.

happy weeeeek!
xoxo, chlo

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  1. So jelly that it's warm where you are. All this snow and cold weather is depressing. I'm ready to hit the beach!

  2. dying that you were enjoying the arizona sun.. at least someone was out of this winter (hint, i wasn't). ha and cute you guys share a birthday!! xoxo

  3. oh my goodness... SUN! I am sooo beyond jealous about that. I am so happy it is starting to warm up, but I can't help but think there is another sneak attack storm waiting for us. Booo!

  4. haha most darling post, as always. come to CA and lay out with me here, since it's 75! XO


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