Monday, March 25, 2013

birthday bash


what says, "meant to be," more than sharing the same birthday with your best friend?
jane and i share a birthday. she is one year older and wiser but it still falls on the same day!
and so of course, we celebrated, like we have the last five years.
jane is probably the greatest person i have ever come across.
i have never met someone so similar to me.
we dress the same.
we think the same.
we want the same life.
we do everything the same. 
she has the cutest style, cutest husband, and the cutest personality.
i feel bad for anyone who doesnt know jane.
thank you for being my best friend and letting me tag along with you and richie.
every day.
 and putting up with me all the time, listening to me vent, making me feel like i am cooler than i actually am...
because i'm friends with you.
i love you!!!!!
oh and guys, she blogs....go look here 

our celebrations started on saturday 
our cute friends threw us a party at abby's cabin up in heber.
which is fabulous. a house straight from pinterest, i promise.
we had cake, and yes, it said "happy birthday bitches" on it...
because she is my number one bitch. duh.
sunday we had family dinner, and some friends came over after.
and of course, this cute boy tagged along through all of it.
all in all our birthday was a success. cant wait for next year, and the years after that.
jane and i will probably be celebrating our birthday together forever.

happy birthday to my bestie.
xoxo, chlo

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  1. you are the cutest. i am obsessed with your guys' cute friendship and especially your shirt in these pictures! and your hair! you look prettier than ever!
    ALSO- who is the boy???? text me!

  2. happy birthday! i love those striped candles on your cake!

  3. happy birthday to you both! cute pictures!!

  4. You are way too nice to me. I love you so much and seriously don't know what I'd do without you!!!!!

  5. And I can't wait to celebrate every birthday together!


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