Friday, March 22, 2013

anxiously engaged.

carly has been the best friend since i met her three years ago.
my relationship with carly is a different relationship than i have had with anyone.
we act more like sisters than friends.
i think this threw dallas off a little bit when they first started dating because sometimes we are mean to each other...but in all reality we only are because we love each other.
i met carly when she came through DG, she was my little sister and then moved to arizona with her family,
where we were in CONSTANT communication,
until i finally begged her to move back & live with me.
well she moved back to slc, moved into together, met a boy three months later, and got engaged last night.
luckily for me, when dallas was asking her about how she wanted to get engaged,
she steered him my way. carly and i had always talked about how we wanted to get engaged
so i got to help be part of the big plans.

he told her they were taking family pictures at wheeler farm and when she got there,
he disappeared to the the bathroom and texted her to look under a bench...
where there was a paper that said to follow the she did.
on each tree was a reason why he loved her. after she circled around the whole park to every tree
(57 of them to be exact)
it led her to dallas who was standing with flowers and a sign that said "will you marry me?"
carly always told me she wanted these three things...
1) the people she loved to be there after it happens.
2) pictures to be taken while its happening
3) simple. (this was simple enough right?)

so her parents, his parents and sister, dallas' best friend and i, were there to take pictures and see her afterwards.
naturally, i held tears in all day when i was setting it up, but as soon i saw her i was crying.

i am so so happy for these two.
i couldnt have set it all up without morgs.

these were two of my favorites

i loved this one the most

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  1. Oh my, how adorable. You are so blessed to have such beautiful people in your life.

  2. so cute chlo, you are the best friend and i love that you helped!
    also you are looking like a BABE with that bun! i love it and you.
    congrats to cute carly! xo

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE! i love that engagement and you are darling too.

  4. So cute!! Where is your shirt and cardigan from!??


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