Thursday, February 7, 2013

diet coke headache.

im scared that i find it completely fine to post this picture on the internet for people to see..

desperate times call for desperate measures.
like waking up literally dying because all i want/need is a diet coke.
so naturally, i post it on twitter, that i want someone to deliver one to me..
a clear test of who really really loves me enough to bring me one.
sometimes my dad does it.. 
but i usually end up getting ignored, realizing that i am just going to have to go fetch one myself.
(one day im going to start a drink delivery business. i promise)
so i go looking like i just woke up...cause i did. 
but i absolutely feel disgusted with myself for presenting myself that way.
so i throw on my sunglasses because they always make me feel classier.
and head out the door.
get told by the maverik man that i look tired..
well, duh. 
but in the end, that stupid little brown, bubbly brew makes it all worth it.
my life would be so much easier if i wasnt an addict.

xoxo, chlo

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  1. I have been a victim of the diet coke addiction... haha love this.

  2. haha i love this, and you still look great! you should have seen me two weeks ago... i refused to leave the house, i looked THAT awful.

  3. i know that feeling all too well. you should've just texted kenzie or nicole...jk they are worthless. been there tried that. i'll bring you a diet coke next time. love you.

  4. 100% agree with you on the diet coke addiction!

    maybe we should start a support group? with a big gulp cup of diet coke for everyone that walks through the door. [wait, is that how support groups work?]


  5. hahaha! this is hilarious! love it

  6. when i move to slc this summer we are going on diet coke runs very frequently!


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