Monday, February 18, 2013

a week in review.

i failed at blogging last week and found no time to post.
epic fail.
so here are a few pictures from last week. considering it was my favorite holiday and a long weekend!

one. my cute dad brought us all valentines first thing in the morning, just in case we didnt recieve any others.
two. luckily i did receive valentines, one being flowers from a cute boy.
three. went to a cabin up in oakley and realized how gross the air is in salt lake, when the sky was twice as blue.
four. taking a picture with your pregnant [dramatic] sister is nearly impossible because it takes her twenty photos to situate herself.
five. saturday nights third wheeling it with my favorite fifteen year old and our parents
six & seven. morgans wedding pictures came back and were lovely.
eight. my nephew enjoyed watching ne-yo perform at the all star game just as much as i did.

i promise this week will be better!
xoxo, chlo

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