Thursday, January 10, 2013

snow day.

roommates take on the grocery store in the snow.
and why not wear our best friend hats.
they crawled their way into my target shopping cart practically begging me to take them home.
we just need to make one more that says "forever"
so people dont feel left out.
thank goodness for sorels.
i hope it stops soon.

until then, i will be eating crepes
because calories dont count when its snowing.

xoxo, chlo

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  1. and one that says "and ever" so i don't feel left out either. of course aubs is holding the weirdest things you could find in a grocery store.

    1. seriously! she was so excited...but i would be lying if i didnt talk her into the cinnamon life. she was mad about the hats. typical.

  2. I totally agree, calories don't count when it's snowing :)

  3. It's been in the 60s here! So opposite!

    Love those best friend hoodies. Enjoy your snow day :-)

  4. i'm obsessed with this. I tried to get dave to get those hats with me and he said it's weird if husband and wife match. i'm glad your best friends aren't too cool. I LOVE YOU BABE!

  5. agreed! calories do not count when it snows, which is why i am eating a bag of peanut butter mnm's for lunch. the whole bag.

  6. I love the toques/beanies! So awesome! I want them for me and my bestie!

    Robyn xo


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