Tuesday, January 22, 2013

my bachelor recap. part 3

so if i went on the bachelor tomorrow...these are the two dresses i would wear....

heres a thought...
sean is thrown into this situation with 25 girls, knowing NOTHING about where they come from,
and his only friend is chris harrison, who acts more like a psychiatrist
so he has no friends telling him if the girls are ghetto or not..
when i get asked out on dates, my friends are the ones to facebook stalk him and make sure my date isn't going to show up in an affliction tee and white stitched jeans...
but i look at a lot of these girls, and think they are pretty, but like "white trash pretty."
and if i was sean's friend, i would tell him that.
they dress terribly and probably are slutty bar hoppers... (sorry a little harsh)
so he gets to hometowns with four girls that he has known for three weeks.
luckily, most of the seasons, their home life is pretty sane.
but i am very skeptical about this seasons crop of women.
try and tell me that jackie doesnt look like the girl in your highschool who was always in the bathroom putting on dark eyeliner and white eyeshadow.
or that tierra doesnt look like she is snookis bff.
anyway that freaks me out.
and i am not saying they are ALL guilty. just a select few. and you know who they are.
and is it just me or do their skirts just keep getting shorter?

first off, how cute is lesley? she is the cutest thing, has a little sass, but i dont think she will make it too much further. she has initiated their whole relationship and that is a BAD sign. i think he seems to like her though, for now. i cant say too much about their date because my stupid DVR cut off half of it. loved her dress.

group date: i hate the group dates, i hate when the girls cry, and i hate how they all have perfect bodies. lindsay is growing on me. oh and kacie b, you are an idiot.
enough said.

ashlee: k first off, i find it VERY rude that no one told her she was going to six flags, so she showed up in a mini dress and wedges. secondly, there is no way in the world she is 32, she has to be lying. SHE IS A BABE. i liked her a lot. i dont really love the sob stories....ever. and sean isnt very good at hearing them. did you notice he was smiling when she told him? oh well. she is darling though. front runner for sure. im gonna go ahead and put her in my top four...BOLD MOVE, i know.

hate to say i told you so...but kacie b. was def FRIEND ZONED. worst place to be. been there. i will even write a whole blog post on the friend zone this week (hopefully)

gotta love bachelor monday!
xoxo, chlo

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  1. just found your blog through Kylee's... can't wait to keep reading!... PS LOVE THE BACH!!!!! Ashlee and Lesley are my fav's!


  2. ohh def watch lesley's whole date!! (the DC lesley) i am rooting for her. they are the cutest and make me smileeee. also i loved her dress on their date. i kinda like ashlee now cause that date melted my heart down to the ground. i totally agree with the whole dress thing! i mean come on! this isn't bar hopping - this is 'dating'! some need a little fashion sense kicked into them.

    yay bach monday! xoxo

  3. The girls from my freshman dorm and I would bond over watching The Bachelor all of last year - it's such a fun show to watch with so many girlfriends!

  4. oh my goodness! this is the best thing ever! i am laughing out loud in the library.

  5. this is hilarious/actually makes me want to watch the bachelor this season!!

  6. hahaha i honestly get so excited to read these. you need to be a writer for a magazine and be their bachelor reporter! and then go on it.


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