Thursday, January 17, 2013

dont be fooled.

i have said it once, and ill say it again.
i do not blog to sugar coat things.
so i am not going to post a blog post and pretend i am SOOO healthy.
because im not. i cheat at being healthy everyday when i buy a 44 oz diet coke or eat popcorn
but i do have some healthy habits.
i attend DASH fitness classes regularly.
i am an everyday harmons salad bar customer.
and i buy fitness magazine to motivate me
although it is not photographed above ^
i will not tell a lie,  i did sneak in a box of hot tamales into my shopping cart today.
and i thoroughly enjoyed them.
believe me when i say i have been through my own healthy woes & lows..
from not knowing when to stop eating.. to not eating enough.
but i think i have finally found a happy medium between the two.
i feel that if i am going to make healthy choices, its only healthy to make unhealthy ones every once in a while too!
but i did have my daily fix of salad, dash, and jane today,
& finished off my night with a raspberry sleepy tea. (thee best kind is celestial sleep)
and even stood in the very front of my class! (had to take the picture to prove it)
cheers to healthy choices.

ps. any healthy choices you want to share...please comment. i am always up for new little tips and tricks!
xoxo, chlo

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  1. i love your honesty! and i'm just like that, i TRY to eat healthy, but i love food [and wine] too much! so here are my little tips, if you will:
    1) try to choose [a healthy!] salad as much as possible
    2) drink TONS of water
    3) do hot yoga
    4) [this is a new one for me] don't eat after 7pm on weekdays
    5) cheat a little! [i have a love affair with cheese, so i usually have a little cheese plate 1x a week]


  2. I'm with you - it's healthy to eat a little unhealthy every once in a while. And I agree with Natalie - drink tons of water and don't eat after a certain time at night (I usually do 8pm, which also helps me getting to bed earlier because if I stay up too late I get hungry again). I also like to buy a bunch of healthy snacks on Saturday - pineapple, celery, grapes, salad, etc. I wash, cut, and put them all into tupperware on Sunday so I have healthy things to just reach in the fridge and grab throughout the week.

  3. Hey I just nominated your blog for an award! Check it out on my latest post :)

  4. You are darling. And I look like a chubby kid who played outside in the cold without a coat...and hates to shower. Let's get a salad after dash toms.

  5. This is great! I love *trying* to be healthy. A few of my favorite easier things to do is in the morning, first thing, I drink hot water with honey and lemon (kind of like a tea) it helps your metabolism and immune system. Then I eat some form of oatmeal for my whole grains and a spinach smoothie with any other fruit, veggies, I can find - blended with coconut water. Starting your first meal with all the main essentials, the healthy way helps me later in the day when I want to cheat (knowing I already got in a least a few healthy ingredients in). Also this is more for the mind but it helps me sleep better at night and be less stressed. I have a journal where I write down 3 things each night that I am grateful for. It really helps to keep a positive attitude - it truly is the "healthiest" thing I do all day. You are great. Love your blog. New follower! Again, thanks for stopping by I post about my personal life on I have a few posts about fitness and wellness you may be interested in.


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