Monday, January 7, 2013

bachelor recap.

not cause i love love, cause i do but their love only lasts about three months until they decide to call it quits for no real reason except for they really dont know each other that well...
i love this show because i like to see how weird people are, how stupid tv can be, and how every season i actually believe that "this couple is different," or "they will make it."
 truth be told i get emotionally attached to the people on much so that i stalk them until i know that they are happy after the show ends...when i say i love people i was not kidding. i end up loving people  i dont even know, like they are my friends and i need to be looking out for them. that is my own problem i am working on fixing but
here is my piece on tonights ep...enjoy

its hard to gather all my thoughts when so many freaks walk through that door.
so i will keep this brief and give you my top three faves and my thoughts on sean.
sean is cuter dressed up than he is in tight tight v necks and washed out jeans.
sean needs to stand up straight and kiss a little better.
hopefully he is improved on that since last season.
but all in all here are my thoughts.
in past seasons i have hated the contestants until they are the bachelor/bachelorette and then i end up loving them!
i.e Ali Fedetowsky drove me bonkers on bachelor, but when she was the bachelorette, I LOVED HER
(minus her gnarly linen pants and signficant weight gain)
so i am giving sean the benefit of the doubt because he really is super sweet,
i guess i am just not that fond of big bulky guys, they scare me.

Kacie: of course i love her, i loved her before and i love her again. She is a BABE. her dress was so scandalous and i loved it. She looks even better this season than she did on Ben's! i hope she goes far because i think she is cute, and so does sean. they dont have a picture of her, but hopefully you guys know who i am talking about!

Leslie from DC: k what a doll! she was so naturally pretty, i appreciated the blonde hair, (not noticeably fake hair like the others) and she had some unique look about her. she seemed really genuine but not shy.

Catherine: she got no time but i appreciated her dark features, she seemed normal. she really was on screen for two minutes total so she could be a nut job but you know running with this one.

I think i am going to apply to go on the i crazy? probably, but will you support me? please!

Next Weeks recap will be longer and better, i just couldnt stomach sifting through the crazies and even giving them the time of day to sit and talk about them. do you blame me?,

yep thats all for now.
go bachelor.
xoxo, chlo

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  1. wish we could watch together! lesley is my favorite for sure!
    PLEASE go on bach, if only to be a normal cute girl amidst the crazies, and go on amazing trips and live in an amazing place..and make the bach fall in love with you. i'm nominating you.

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