Monday, January 14, 2013

bachelor monday...recap dos

monday is my favorite day of the week.
bachelor monday
even when i am dying in bed all day
here are my thoughts:

starts out with cute cute sarah.. she is gorgeous! i love her but sadly dont think she will make it that far. she is so fun but her voice...that voice is a little much for me..all in all i have her going pretty far... winning...ehhhh not so much.

the group date, too hard to tell. i was a little worried when lesley came back for another kiss because usually those DO NOT go well...they usually make a fool of themselves but she was pretty smooth. i liked her last week and like her this week, even more! no one else really caught my eye...i think he is only keeping kacie b around because he feels he has to... i dont think she will last much longer because i am the first to find a BIIIIIG RED FLAG when boys pull out the "friend" card.

desiree- she is sweet and easy going but i feel like she is going to be trouble later...i could be wrong but she seems normal....and can we talk about her little bod?!? BABE. you can tell he is really into her.

here is the thing about sean though....he sits there and comments that the "girl is being awkward," when he is the awkward one! he needs to show something...if i met him on the street i would think he would just want to be my friend....a friend with three feet in between us...

best dressed: kacie b. once again steals my heart in her dresses...such a gem. other girls need to tone down the colors and find something a snitch longer. but truthfully,  i worry if i went on the show i would wear ghetto clothes just to fit in..pray for me if/when that happens.

check out my bracket, but know that i stopped at top three because i didnt want to put my top two yet. is that considered cheating?! oh well!

until next week. yay for bachelor
and all my lovely followers who watch it with me, what did you think?!

xoxo, chlo

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