Wednesday, December 12, 2012

the toaster

i recently moved into a home,
we like to call the toaster.
with three of my very best friends.
its been fun living outside my comfort zone and growing up a little bit.
i promise we could have a reality show about the single life of four girls.
we get so excited when we go on dates.
and our wardrobes have all grown.
they are so amazing and keep me on my toes.
they are my biggest fans when something exciting happens
or the perfect people to cuddle with when i am crying.
its starting to feel a little more like home.
but all in all
i love them so much.
i would die without my friends.
we took christmas cards this year to send out to close friends and family.
the pictures are a few of our favorites!

happy holidays from the toaster!

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  1. this makes me wish i had lived with all my friends in a cute little house before i was married! this is darling! you are all gorgeous!

  2. What beautiful christmas card. You four look gorgeous! And what a fun name for your house!


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