Tuesday, December 25, 2012

the holiday

i remember growing up my mom and i would watch "eloise at christmastime" over and over and over again. we would dance around and eat yummy treats. i have sadly become such a grinch when it comes to christmas because every year i feel this ache in my heart and its because i want my mom to be here so much to help me love christmas again. i am the luckiest human alive with the greatest family and am far to fortunate to ever have a care in the world but i know my heart becomes tender at this time for a reason, to realize what really matters most. my christmas was filled with holiday food, snow, friends, and family. and i will forever be grateful to my heavenly father for so many blessings, including my sensitive heart. happy christmas!

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  2. Lets be BFFs because you have an animal print scarf in your blog pic.. I used to, but I swapped it out.. I think I've mentioned this before.. lol But seriously.. animal print scarfs for life!


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