Thursday, December 27, 2012

i am embarrassing

i am embarrassing to the human race for the following reasons.
..i have watched so many episodes of vampire diaries that i am actually starting to think i am dating one and/or running from one
..i worked out today for the first time in a month and thought i was going to keel over on the floor?
..i havent drinken an ounce of water today because diet coke tastes so good
..les miserables completely changed my life and somehow i think i have a really good voice now and sing (off tune) while driving in my car. just dont know why they had to cut anne hathaways hair soooo short. boss gave me a pad of 100 $1 dollar bills for christmas and whenever i hand them to a cashier i tell them that its my stripper cash....
..i tweet mean things sometimes.
..i use pink eye as an excuse to get out of things more often than not.
..i decided i would go to a bar with friends this weekend (i act casual about it like i do it often, but realistically i have never been to one before in my life) and some girl i know thought she hallucinating when she saw me there...
..i decided i am going to start sitting in the apple store to meet boys.
..i text the same five people everyday and thats all usually.
..i dance and yell to my roommate in the middle of the grocery store and she pretends like she doesn't know me.
..i officially bought a sweater with a deer on it even though i wrote in my journal two days ago i never would.

well there you have it.
me in all my glory

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