Monday, November 26, 2012

every semester.

i have reached the two week mark before finals.
my throat swells up, my stomach drops.
and i start cramming.
every semester.
i fail to eat and become a drama queen.
every semester.
i find something to disract me, duh.
tonight it was taking nightmare pictures of ourselves
because of course that sounds WAY more fun than looking at my computer screen any longer.

cheers to finals.
may yours be a little more enjoyable than mine.
lets at least vow to listen to christmas music while we study.

pray for me!


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  1. ha chlo i miss studying for finals with you...wish i was in town so i could drop off some charleston chews for you! good luck darling! xo

  2. i sincerely believe the semester should end in november. there is too much christmas fun to be had during december.


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