Tuesday, April 17, 2012

writers block.

i am busy with finals and everything else but i feel i owe the blog world an apology.
i am sick of my "winter blog" so im using that as an excuse as to why im having writers block.
im ready for summer posts!
i will be back I PROMISE
but in the meantime, 
for one of my finals, i was told to write a mission statement by finding a quote that explains what i want to become and then write my own take on what i really want out of life. i mixed a few quotes i have read and added my own flare. and what better way to own up to it than to post it on my blog?! 

 I often feel afraid of wanting things, not because I am too afraid to try but because I was too afraid of failure. 
I've come to realize that these little failures add to who I am, and help me redefine who I really want to become. I find myself constantly wishing for things that are not too far to reach.
 I want to become the type of person who can brighten another persons day even when I can't find the strength to brighten my own.
 I want to become just like my mother, the woman that through a little girls eyes could move mountains. I want to become independent and strong, so much that I am constantly bettering myself. 
To be the best version of myself so when I meet the man I want to spend the rest of my life with I will be ready for anything. 
I want to look at the past and laugh and not fear what is ahead of me. 
I want to give back to the people who have given to me. 
I want to apologize to everyone I have hurt and forgive the people who have hurt me. 
I want to become what I love. by doing things that I love, and surrounding myself with people I love. 
I want to become successful, not only for the wealth, but for the satisfaction of accomplishing something. 
I want to live in a house covered in photos. 
Ultimately, I want to surprise myself.
 I want to become someone who is so lost in the service of others that I forget about my own sorrows. 
I want to become someone that right now I fear, not because it seems impossible, but because it seems so easy to reach.
 I don't want to redefine who I am..I want to love who I am now and add to that. 
I want to love my foolish self and become a women of strength.

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  1. i really, really love this. it actually made me tear up. great job! xoxo

  2. You are amazing and so inspiring! I love this post.

  3. lovely post! thanks for sharing chloee! xo

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