Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What a Wonderful Wednesday!

(random pics from march)

since everyone who is cool dedicates a day of the week to a certain blog post I decided I would too! I always make little list everywhere I go, my iPad, my phone, my journal, and on my blog tooooo so I decided for "what a wonderful Wednesday" I would make a little list of the things I love this week! Yep sooooo cliche but I don't cur....
This Wednesday I love.....
1. Driving with the windows down! I cannot wait for spring.
2. My lonnnnng line up of tv shows. Geez Louis I have so many to catch up on its exhausting (good exhausting) I think I'm a religious watcher of over 19 tele series...scary.
3. Questions. Gosh I love asking questions but I don't really love answering them
4. My weekly walk through old navy with Jane. Don't know why we do it...maybs just to get a good dance in when we walk up and down the aisles and get stared at.
5. I ate a whole box of girl scout cookies by myself two days ago... And I didn't feel one ounce sick!
6. Running in the sunshine
7. Birthday weeeeeeek holllller!
8. My iPhone says I have too many pictures saved....if you know me well, you know why...I have a theory that everything should be documented...and when people complain and say they don't want to take one i usually pull my classic lines "you know what (insert name) you will never be younger than you are right now" OR "come onnn, we're making memories here" although the first one doesn't really make sense for this scenario , it usually gets the people to take the picture.. So today I love all 4,000 pictures on my phone. I get a good laugh or frown out of these everyday! Thank you friends for takin pics!
9. I love shopping for house decor! let me just say our home is going to be darling cause we have far too many ideas for the minimal square footage that our little abode
will permit!
10. I love the gospel. I like that I can depend on it and it makes sense to me because it would scare me if I was without it.
11. Just a simple call from Carly's mom just to see how I am and say hi, honestly made my whole day, I am still grinning. I feel so lucky to be an extended member of such an amazing family! :)

That is all for now!


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  1. driving with the windows down is theeee best! i love when it's still a little cool out but because your car has been sitting in the sun all day it's warm inside.

  2. Ok, here's my window routine: roll them down all the way, crank the heat all the way up, and blast music. Wind + warm + wild ride. Partay :) And I like the Wonderful Wednesday idea! Great way to keep gratitude on the mind.

  3. i have the same issue with pictures.. i love documenting my life! apparently other people have a problem with that. wow. ;)

    cute post! xx

  4. hahahaha i loved this. you write like you talk.

  5. We feel so blessed to have you as a member of our family!! Loved this post!! Love you!!

  6. ps: come check out my blog - there is a surprise for you! :) xx

  7. oh gosh, you are absolutely adorable girl. so happy i just stumbled across your blog. and i'm right there with you when it comes to documenting everything. luckily the mister has come to realize this is what he married in to, ha
    xo TJ

  8. girl i am loving this blog of yours!! it is completely adorable! i love everything on your list! and p.s. happy birthday!!

    {just} sara


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