Friday, February 24, 2012

talk the talk

things crossing my mind....

-do you ever look at blogs and pinterest for soooo long that you see all these people's lives that appear far too perfect, houses that seem too good to be true, and wardrobes that are more than my car?

Yessssss this is my current problem. I think I am starting to believe that I own all these things I pin and that I am on first name basis with people I actually don't even know.... AHHHHH

-why are people sooooo mean at airports?! Being mean to the workers will not help anything! it honestly hurts my heart. How would you feel if someone came into your work and yelled at you. It's not their fault that the security line is long or that you have to turn off you dumb iPod when you are landing or that we are third in line to take off. Gosh. And I do believe it's contagious and that's probably why the security people are so grumpy. Just be nice. You can direct your anger towards me if necessary, but please stop upsetting the pilot or he's going to crash the plane and then I will be mean.

- I absolutely love when I catch people singing in their cars....alone. So keep doing it. I am grinning ear to ear thinking about this.

-how on earth do people run 100 mile races?

-why am I so mad that I can't get enough of old navy right now? I don't know if I'm necessarily mad that it's underrated or that they are raising the prices and I'm makes me wonder if I should stick to my number one (jcrew) and pay the extra 20 dollars.

-remember the days where you could lock text messages that you want to go back and read cause you love them so much? I want it back.

-there is something about Easter candy that makes me really happy and my hips really not happy.

-I am convinced to win a I entered close to 20 sweepstakes yesterday and they all say i can submit 50 entries a day..don't mind if I do. If you can't find me, I am probs sitting on my iPad submitting entries. All of them end on march 5 and then I am all yours. Pray for me that i win.

-I don't understand how the moms on teen mom 2 are so poor when they are probs getting paid a lot from this a scam like the hills was? I considered sending the mother of twins some money because I'm so emotionally involved but then I realized they probably have more money than me...

Okay that is all for now.
Agree to Disagree if needed.

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  1. hahahahahaha this is my favorite post you've ever written! love you.

  2. I am way too emotionally involved in Teen Mom and Teen mom 2. I defend Leah all the time, and people are like "are you crazy", and all I can say is she is just so dang darling with those little girls. All those doc appts, and living in a trailor where she cant even bathe the kiddos without black widows (probably). It really aches my heart!

    good luck on the TV !

  3. i have a little slider samsung phone right now...i can totally lock my texts. it's awesome.
    and i also love this post!


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