Tuesday, February 7, 2012

my sisssssters

I don't think I mention enough how much I love my sisters.
I honestly look forward to seeing them and love that they come see me so often
Even though they are all busy with their own lives
All three of them have different qualities I would love and wish I could inherit
Emee has a caring instinct and is always thinking of me and checking in. She is always
looking for ways to help, she is creative and very talented-(in my words dinky) my dad and I are always talking about sweet she is.
Chelsee has always been my best friend, we are sometimes almost too similar but I very much appreciate our friendship and I always look forward to seeing her. She has the greatest sense of humor and is very good about knowing what she wants and going for it.
Hailee is the cutest mother, she helps me stay spiritual because the gospel is so strong in her life. Her dedication to the Lord reminds me a lot of my moms. She has a sweet and sensitive heart which I wish I had more of.

Hope you three know how much I adore you. Like I said, I don't think I tell you enough how much I look up to you!!!
(sorry em I couldn't find a good single shot of us, forgive me :))

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  1. First off, love your blog!
    Secondly, I have 5 sister-in-laws, but no blood sisters. I am always so so so jealous of girls with sisters. Lucky!


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