Thursday, February 9, 2012

health nut 101

I am reading the book "intuitive eating"
( highly recommend it )
And it's changed my view on eating


After also reading "skinny bitch"
(recommend as well)
It's changed my view on food

Which leads me to my main point....
I am becoming a HEALTH NUT
I am eating healthy cause it's good for me.
No more of this starvation, deprivation, yuckination (made that word up)
I am no longer going to forbid foods but rather choose better ones.

Starting with this spinach monster I made this morn.
And dandelion root tea I had just a few minutes ago,

Hello summmmmmer I am ready for ya!



And nansy and I like to run together
I think lululemon would be proud of our outfit choices and color coordination
Every good runner deserves a diet coke at the end right?

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. ha ha i accidentally posted on richie's account! but yaaaay healthy lives here we come!

  3. i ordered skinny bitch off of amazon a couple weeks ago...yet to read it though. ahhh i gotta get on it!! i know it'll help me avoid more foods

  4. summer definitely cant come soon enough!


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