Tuesday, November 22, 2011

to beautiful katelyn..

happiest of birthdays to katelyn curtis!
katelyn and i have a different bond than any friend i have ever had.
she tells me what i need to hear when i need to hear it, and somehow always has an instinct about when to text or call me when i need it the most.
from going through pledgeship, gruesome foursome, being inseprable for a whole summer, living in the deeg, going to 7:30 class both very very grumpy, taking me on field trips to sandy, sitting at the pool, making code names for boys so they dont know we are talking about them, talking each other through problems, sitting in the dg kitchen, blackmailing people with awful photos, sharing music, making fun of you for your late nights at the sig, or even just talking everyday.
i am very very lucky to have a friend like katelyn.
she is an amazing listener and has a beautiful heart. 
because i know that no matter where we will go in life, whether we are all the way across the country
we will still be friends.
thank you for everything katelyn! 
i love you so so much and hope that one day i can repay you for all the times you have put up with me!

"we are all a little weird, life's a little weird, and when we find someone who's weirdness is compatible with ours, we join in a mutual weirdness we call love"
(i know this quote it supposed to be about a boy katelyn but lets get real its meant for us)

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