Sunday, July 31, 2011

august first happy list.

august means busy for me. because my weeks are filled with timely, EXCITING things. two weddings, homecomings, and of course delta gamma recruitment. but in the midst of all the business i am soaking it all in because i know all these things will only happen once. 

here is my august happy list..

1. summer nail colors.

2.  this little girl 

3. maverick...somehow i think this one always makes my happy lists.

4. my best friend from forever getting married in ten days.

5. spending time with old but wonderful friends.

6. coming home to beautiful flowers on my front porch

7. general conference talks always seem to soothe my anxiety.

8. organized people 

9. two of my very best friends coming home this week.

10.  french fries always seem to make me happy...sadly.

11. meeting delta gammas from other chapters is always a treat. its crazy how much you have to talk about. 

12. market street grill on sunday afternoons.

13. lucy

14. dresses. im currently counting how many dresses im going to need to buy for this months occasions. approx: 9

15. chelsea lately when i cant sleep.

16. my other half getting married in 13 days

17. and lastly....august 

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