Friday, June 10, 2011
did you know.....

that blake lively does not have a stylist and picks all of her wardrobe pieces herself?

yes i know many people do this..but many people do it wrong..
blake lively doesnt.
she always looks flawless from head to toe.
although she drives me crazy in gossip girl...
i cant deny that i have always lovvvvved her style 
when i heard this great news i couldnt help but wonder...
when is she started a clothing line...?
hmmmm maybe in the near future.
we can hope. 

i also give props.
to olivia palermo.

she also picks out her own pieces and looks effortless always. 

these two have been added to my style crush list.
others on my list?
lauren conrad, ashley olsen, and katie holmes (along with suri) 

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