Saturday, April 30, 2011


so i have an obsession with twitter
i love it
lets talk hash tags...

for those of you that dont twitter... a hash tag is adding # to the end of your tweet with something that applies to what you are talking about. example #royalwedding

but little did i know that when i put a hash tag it means people (companies) can find me, if they like what im talking about..

for example:
i hash tagged #stressed and like three stress management companies want to "follow" me..
no thank you i dont need help..

or i hash tag #wendover and every wendover casino is adding me
just because i want to go to wendover doesnt mean i am there...

and my personal favorite..
 i hash tagged #chubby and SIX fitness companies are following me...
yes they were implying that i am chubby and need to join their program...geeze.
no thank you!

anyway, as much as i love twitter i would have to say when it comes to hash tags... #over-it

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