Sunday, April 10, 2011

these are a few of my favorite things..

as of late...

i have found myself appreciating:

1. the sun (when it finally decided to come out) 
2. my anthro discount (thanks to carly burb) i get her friend discount card, making my spring wardrobe shopping easy...which leads to my next one..
3. spring wardrobe- enough said. i am loving buying spring clothes.
4. my nike shoes i just made on NIKEID even though they are probably going to take a month to get her, i am so excited! (even got DELTA GAMMA printed on them!)
5. my job- i am soo lucky to have the job i have! (thanks to heather) i have a great relationship with the family and get to run fun errands all day! i love it.
6. my new latisse eyelash extension wand... i've only been doing it for a week and its supposed to take six but im excited to see the results!
7. driving to provo last night with two of my favorite people to see some of my favorite people and eat yogurtland
8. the fact that im not one ounce stressed for finals...yet. and for me, this is a BIG deal. i feel like i have everything under control..but that doesnt mean these next two weeks arent going to be rough..
9. the conference talk clips on, i love listening to them when i have a spare minute. i learn something new every time! i cant wait to get the ensign!
10. my new CTR ring :) i lost my old one and when this one came i literally was glowing. i cant stop looking at it, not that its anything great but it makes me oh so happy!
11. twitter... i dont know what it is but i love it so much- maybe its because i feel famous following all these famous people.
12.  being so sore from workouts this week! best feeling in the world. 
13.  knowing that in about five weeks david burbidge will be home :) the first of many for this summer! cant wait!
14. oh and of course....seasonal candy.. but havent i mentioned that before?! it always makes me happy!

sometimes after a rough week its nice to wake up on a sunday knowing its a new week and realized how happy these simple things are making me! i cant help but smile! cant wait for the warm weather that is hopefully to stay!


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