Sunday, April 3, 2011


calling this girl my friend would be a huge understatement
kacey is my sister.
i am sometimes mistaken as an extension of the schneider family.
which i am proud of.
its nights like last night that makes me realize how lucky i am to have her..
and her amazing family. 

last night =
long drive in the car with her, playing ingrid, and hires diet coke 
she makes everything seem better, i tell her my problems and she works them out for me.
i look forward to seeing her every time i do..
the distance between provo and slc doesnt mean anything..
when you can plan on a 3 o clock phone chat every day .

we can plan our futures together whether its as far as our next vacation or our lives 30 years down the road
all i know is a day with kacey is a better day.

i love you snyder.

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