Thursday, March 10, 2011

spring. fever.

while roaming target today i found this spring green nail polish and i just couldnt pass it up.
i spent the last hour painting my nails and trying on every single item of spring/summer clothing that i own to see if they fit. (i do this every year)
i was pleasantly surprised that my clothes were not snug after this long layered winter!
best feeling, i must say.
but after todays beautiful weather
and the new pink blouse i bought at j.crew yesterday.
spring fever has definitely hit me.
knowing my luck it will snow first thing in the morning..
but right now i am happy and excited for spring!
i still need to get tan and get in tip top shape for spring break and summer though!

spring break in arizona with my very best friends...countdown t minus 9 days!
[i took this picture only because my kitchen wall somehow seemed to compliment my green polish]

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