Sunday, March 27, 2011

pictures dont do it justice..

i had the best week in arizona with nine of the greatest people i know!
here is a sneak peek of how great our trip was.
the only thing that got me on the plane coming home was the fact that we already planned to have girls trips for the next 50+ years of our lives.
loved catching rays and loved the daily visits from carly burb.
miss you!
jane gave me the JB book for my birthday and i read the whole book, stalked him on youtube, and learned his dance moves.. glad carly and brecken share my obsession.
of course my dad being so darling, packed a little something with brecken to give to me on my birthday. i opened the box and along with some of my favorites he gave me an "apple ipad 2" get it?!
i share my birthday with my best friend jane... we still think its quite odd that not only are we the same person our birthday falls on the same day. love youuu
ate so much yogurtland it hurt.
its just sooooo good.
hiked the hardest hike i have ever experienced and am still feeling it three days later..
but well worth it. 

i know i always say it, but my friends are so so great. i was lucky to spend a week with them!

for years and years and years i have said that i want to move to arizona...
mark my words, one day i will reside there.

more pictures to come.

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  1. this made me smile the whole time i was reading it!


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