Monday, March 14, 2011

in the process..

i keep my life organized.

but when it comes to my clothes...
its a disaster.
i buy buy buy buy buy but are my clothes organized??
ehhh not so much..
actually not at all.
they are EVERYWHERE.
i even have an extra rolling rack of clothes in my "second" bedroom. along with a hamper full of the things and three closets piled in clothes. how do i find anything? i dont know
so for my birthday, (he doesnt know its for my birthday yet so good thing he reads my blog SURPRISE) my dad and i are going to add shelves and better rods to get my clothes organized.
i am going to start cleaning out all my junk on saturday so if the change is as tremendous as i want it to be i will take before and after photos so you guys can see what i do :) 
i dont need much, just a few little shelves and drawers and a dress rod. 
hopefully my beloved wardrobe will be a beautiful space soon.
how beautiful is the closet above? i need it. 

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