Tuesday, February 22, 2011

saying i have bieber fever is an understatement.

justin bieber is currently my only thought.
should i explain?

i wasnt like this until after i saw the movie..
i mean i liked him.
but now i love him.

1. i have seen the movie four times in a week.
2. i plan to go to it this weekend because he is adding 40 minutes of footage only for a week.
3. i have watched every interview i think he has ever done on YouTube. 
4. and it doesnt end at interviews...i have even watched the YouTube videos of him walking down the street with selena gomez.
5. i have looked up flights to fly to manchester. london this summer to see his concert.
6. have also researched what he got selena for valentines day....
 (us weekly confirmed that he bought out a flower shop and covered her house in flowers)
7.  i have the "overboard" song on repeat in my car & i bought his collectors edition US Weekly that is all about him.
8. i am starting to think i know him personally. i have twittered him numerous times as if we are buddies

but the good news, i am not necessarily in love with him... i feel like he is like my little brother. 
but i do wish i was a fourteen year old girl so that it made sense why i am so obsessed.
isnt it sad that we never had like a teen heartthrob when we were a "tween?" really though i cant think of anyone i was overly obsessed with... i am jealous of these little girls who are crazy about him.

but yes i have a bad case of bieber fever.
and the video above is my favorite.
i made kacey watch is three times in sun valley.
sorry kac.
he's just a charmer.

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  1. I am right there with you chlo! 100% obsessed with JB

  2. You and me both baby!! I am beyond obsessed, and have done all of those things you have mentioned as well! haha

  3. Oh my gosh. I love that we are twins. Judd even loves him now! We've gone to it twice :) I've definitely twittered him & have totally had dreams about falling in love. Haha I feel like a psycho but how can you not love him?! I really want to go to one of his concerts & be one less lonely girl. I hate to say that I haven't listened to overboard yet. But I do love.. Born to be somebody, that should be me with rascal, & down to earth.. acoustic version! AMAZING!!!!

  4. Take me with you to see the movie please.


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