Thursday, February 17, 2011

bachelor. update...#...i lost track.

so i stopped doing bachelor updates because my dad told me he didnt like them haha but because my sisters and carly keep telling me to update i will do a short one! soo bachelor.. i have realized lately how pathetic their editing makes these girls look... i just read brads blog and found out that him and britt had a conversation about how they were BOTH not feeling it and it would be better if she went instead of just airing that conversation they decided to make it look like a boat just was waiting for her to get picked up and she was "heartbroken" nope, she wasnt at well with michelle leaving..she told ellen yesterday that they had a long conversation and she explained that they must have "forgot" to put it in the show just so she still appears like the crazy one...she said their conversation was civil and that she could tell that he wasnt feeling it because his heart was with someone else....EMILY. after discussing with brecken, we came to the conclusion that they might as well just end the show now because he is obsessed with her... even when he was on the one-on-one with cute shawntel (who i think should be the next bachelorette) his head was somewhere else...with emily. yes yes yes him and emily are very awkward around each other because they are both "nervous" but when he was interviewed he said that "he loves their long conversations" so back to the whole editing thing... they cut out those LONG conversations because they are so obsessed with her talking about her child. and i love that for every "preview for the next episode" they always make it out to look like emily and him like hit rocks and reword things to make it look like she says something she didnt and then when we really see it it all is way different. so the editing is really getting to me...but to talk about the other girls...shawntel-i love, but i know she wont win. she has the confidence and the look to be the next bachelorette. ashley h. - if you say babe one more time i might kill you...and you knew you were getting the rose so why were you begging him not to send you home? she is obnoxious but i will save the worst for last...Chantel- headache, dramatic, and annoying. i really wish i could stand her because she is Pams (the dg house cooks) favorite but i just cant get myself to do it. she bothers me so bad.

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  1. Thank you! I love the updates!

  2. Haha i LOVE these. you take the words right out of my mouth!


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